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The Ring Movies Wiki is an encyclopedia collaborative project, and is part of the Wikia Project. It is dedicated to providing information on the American adaptations of The Ring films, originally a series of Japanese horor films created by Hideo Nakata, which in turn was adapted from a novel written by Koji Suzuki.

The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, and ultimately will create a useful and comprehensive guide for The Ring series.

Contributors are welcome, but anonymous contributors are recommended to get usernames for easier co-operation.

The Ring SeriesEdit

This wiki is dedicated to creating a reliable and comprehensive guide or database regarding information on The Ring series. Adapted from the Japanese movies called "Ringu", the movies follow a similar storyline to them but with altered factors. This wiki focuses only on the American films but the Japanese films will be referred to.

The films, The Ring, Rings and The Ring Two focus on a cursed video cassette that upon viewing, will curse a person with seven days to live. The viewer must copy the tape and show it to someone else or they will be killed by an unseen force. In the first film, Rachel Keller investigates the tape's origins after her niece Katie Embry dies under mysterious circumstances, and soon finds herself with only seven days to find answers before her time is up. Rings is a short film set between the first and second films, and leads into the plot of the sequel. A third film, The Ring 3D, has been confirmed but may become a remake of the series.

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